When it comes to coffee, I’m actually pretty picky. But when I first entered Refinery High End Coffee, I had a feeling that I’d be in good hands. The smell of coffee is just undescribeable. And not to forget: interior. The coffee shop is so stylish and kept in white, black, copper and wood.

Coffee lovers know that preparing a cup of coffee requires: knowledge, technique and the highest quality of beans. And you should know that Refinery is known for its carefully selected coffee from local roasters and homemade treats.

During breakfast and lunch hour you may also get Bircher muesli, couscous salad, soup etc. Pay attention to the menu card and make sure to try the peanut butter cookie – so delicious.


  • Location: Albrechtstraße 11B | 10117 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday | 8am – 6pm | & Saturday | 9am – 6pm | Sunday | closed |
  • Wifi: available
  • Drinks: coffees, fresh juices, teas, ice coffees, smoothies, frappés
  • Extra: orderable w/ soy milk; coffee beans for sale
  • Food: croissants, sandwiches, muesli, pies, cookies
  • Service: self-service

Since, I’m almost every week at the coffee shop and fix all my meetings there, I can highly recommend Refinery High End Coffee. It’s definitely worth a coffee tasting! The Berlin COVER PR girls, Kevin, my brother and me even had the chance to be part of a latte art workshop last year. At this point: Thank you so much Tansel and Bora Özbek for giving us such a great coffee adventure.

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