Roamers – a coffee shop that is very different from those I presented so far. Why? Well, I think it’s quite obvious, isn’t it? The interior tells it all as it has a “vintage touch”. When entering the coffee shop it felt like entering an urban jungle – well quite American. 

The space at Roamers is pretty small. So, here’s a tip: If you’re planning on paying Roamers a visit over the weekend, then have in mind that there will be people already waiting 15-30 minutes outside the café before it actually opens its doors. So either be early or go there around 11:30 am. Then the first group is already leaving – Thanks to Marie from Glitter Everywhere for sharing this info.

The menu card offers so many possibilities that we had difficulties in making a decision, but in the end we went for French toast, chai latte and cappuccino. Are you all familiar with the situation, when you’re having sweets you want to get something salty? The French toast has been sooooo good, but after that I’ve been craving for avocado toast. I will have to get back there and try avocado toast and the cake for sure. Have you seen the cake? It just looks like a master piece!


  • Location: Pannierstr. 64 | 12043 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Monday | closed | Tuesday – Friday | 09:30 am – 07:00 pm  | Saturday – Sunday | 10:00 am – 06:00 pm |
  • Wifi: available
  • Drinks: coffees, teas, smoothies, alcoholic drinks
  • Extra: orderable w/ almond- or soy milk
  • Food: sandwiches, breads, toasts (avocado, French, etc.), egg plates, salads, cakes
  • Service: no self-service

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