My definition of autumn: wet and slippy. And I really don’t know why people are loving this time of the year. They are all talking about the “golden season”, but far and wide nothing in sight. 

Fortunately, I’ll be leaving this uncomfortable weather by next Thursday and will be heading to Greece with Jana, Leni and Marie. Already so looking forward to it! But until then, I’ll have to make the best out of this weather situation and you know what? This cozy autumn look kinda helps. I mean: what’s better then wearing a pair of flecked baggy pants and a pajama shirt?

Coat: ZARA // Blouse: ZARA // Pants: MANGO // Shoes: ZARA

Btw: you should check out my brother’s looks on his Instagram account @andycu__ – Here’s a sneak peek in the gallery! Please let me know, if you’d be interested in me sharing some more male outfit inspirations? 

Photos by Andy Cu
Edited by Cindy Cu

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