Wow, the past few weeks have been crazy! I spent a whole week in Stockholm and didn’t feel completely out of place. And all that – thanks to the loveliest people, exciting activities and cozy stay at the Hotel At Six.

You know, being on the road for like every week is pretty tough. I love traveling around, but sometimes I just need some time at home, where I can relax to the fullest. People say “home sweet home”, don’t they? Well, to be honest: being away from the apartment is sometimes a bit “odd”. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just afraid that hotels won’t feel as comfy as home. But when arriving at the Hotel At Six in Stockholm, all worries went away right away. The interior and style of this five star hotel just made me speechless. Full of art and inspiration. Marble and monochromatic colors. Grey, black and white – just the way I like it! If you think that’s all it has to offer, you’re wrong. The bed is sooo cozy and promises sweet dreams.

Well, make sure to stop by – even if it’s just for a coffee or drink. You won’t regret it xx

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