“Sit back and relax. Chill, Cindy. Get some rest and me-time.” All that I heard over the last few weeks or better said months. I never thought that I could get so committed to a job as the one I’m doing at COVER PR. Managing such inspiring influencers as Bekleidet, Fashion Hippie Loves, Kevin Elezaj, Way Of Jay, Jimsandkittys and so many more in the agency motivate me to keep on going. Even if I have the impression that I won’t be able to make it – the boys and girls remind me of why I’m doing all this. So thanks for putting your trust in me.

I have to admit that I’m still not at that point, where I could say that I’m not stressed. I’m still trying and learning to make use to real weekends with no work. But so far, I think I’m not doing that bad? Can you see it? I mean – people say: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Don’t you think my style got a “laid-back flair”? Doesn’t it stand for a chilled attitude? Besides, I’m sticking to my home spa rituals and think it’s a great start of having more me-time.

Denim Jacket: H&M // Dress: ZARA // Sneakers: ADIDAS ORIGINALS // Watch: ROSEFIELD 

Photos taken by Andy Cu
Edited by Cindy Cu

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